Saturday, January 3, 2009


The end is here, only for web2.0. I will always remember that learning is a life long process.
The web2.0 is a great experience to explore. The instructions were a little confusing.When I started the program I didn't know what to expect and felt like I was aimless and eventually it all cleared.I loved the workshop with the mashups and I never knew so many tools existed.
Definitely time is a big constraint.Expecting to finish up the exercises in just an hour every week is impossible.So next time another workshop of this kind is launched please make sure the management and staff is aware of the time commitment so it can be easier.I had a very had time to accomodate the workshop in the bits and pieces of time that i could saveup to do it.I guess this is one of the reasons many are not coming forward to accept such challenges.

Finally I still believe that "Begining with the end in mind" is the best strategy for achieving the goal as you are feeling yourself closer to attaining the goal from the very first step.
I will definetly take course like this if offered in future.

Friday, January 2, 2009


I know the downloadable media service the library provides. I also helped few customers with it. I haven't done it yet. I checked that we have quite a collection of all the titles including the childrens materials.I wonder why the checkout peiod for these is only 14 days while the print material can be checkedout for 21 days. I was also under the notion that all of the media can be downloaded on to a cd, but guess not.

I will probably listen to the "Chronicles of Narnia" the entire series on my MP3 player that is one step away.

P.O.D casting

Wondered many a times what a pod cast was.Now realized it as Personal On Demand casting.I went to itunes and browsed their site. I don't think podcasts are so reliable for information on health, kids etc etc. Who even knows who if the person is giving reliable material.Well for gossip and entertainment they are mighty useful.Coming to news podcasts, with radio in the car and the news channels repeating the news through out the day I don't think news podcasts are useful.
The idea of having tv series and other shows downloaded to be watched at our convinience, the cable provides the option of recording the programme and playing it at ones leisure so why pay for the downloads.
I found this podcast called "listening to the library lady". It caught my attention because this kind of podcast is like creating an audio version of the book as the librarian reads the book for the customers to listen to.Initially i felt it appealing as we can create audio for books not available on cd. The main constraint is the time to do so and hence I decided this as impossible.

As of what I feel untill this point I am not convinced of the uses of podcasting.I will keep probing this feature until I learn more about this feature and change my opinion, maybe.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I have never youtubed any thing I mean I have never used Youtube just beacause of the notion that anything and everything can be youtubed. I dont want the kids thinking that it was okay to use youtude. After having watched the videos that others have posted in their blogs it is getting my attention.I would not recommend any kid using it even for fun.
My positive comment about it is Youtube could be used as a link for a library tour, for instructions that need step by step visuals, and also for demonstrations like small crafts etc.

Monday, December 15, 2008


I went to this web 2.0 site and I found it interesting.I heard about it but never tried it. The site is pretty well organised from locations throughout the world and this particular feature amazed me. Then I went to the detailed subject aprt where there are several categories that will help users find what they want in just a click.If someone like me don't have a clue of what to look for you can just browse through the subject areas and find anything.It also displays a search field on the left margin of the page if you precisely know what you want.I also liked the featureof the calender where one can pick the date and the list of all the advertisements during that period shows.I tried to find some guitar classes and succeded in doing so but most of the advertisement didnot give the price. I think that is a draw back since you found what you are looking for but you still have to call the instructor for the fee and other details which is not reducing the list as in yellow pages.I think that is a drawback.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

jpl learning 2.0

Activities on JPL learning 2.0

Discovery Exercises

No: of comments

Difficulty of the exercise in an expression
#1 Discovery Has Never Been So Much Fun!6 commentsa
#2 Lifelong Learning & L222 commentsa+b
#3 Grab Yourself a Blog in 3 Easy Steps13 commentsa+b=c

#4 Register Your blog and Join the Party



#5 Discover Flickr35 commentsc3
# 6 More Flickr Fun23 commentsc3+d
For thing #728 commentsa+b
#8 Make Life "Really Simple" with RSS & a Newsreader35 commentsc3+d4
#9 Finding Feeds25 commentsc3+d4*8
#10 Play Around with Image Generators28 commentsc3+d4+c3+d4
#11 A Thing about Library Thing

28 commentsa2+b
# 12 Add a Jaxcat Gadget

30 commentsa2+b2+2ab
# 13 Tagging, Folksonomies & Social Bookmarking in
19 commentsa2+b2-2ab
#14 Getting Not-So-Technical with Technorati21 commentsa+b+c+d
#15 On Library 2.0 & Web 2.0
19 commentsX2/4
# 16 So What's a Wiki?
15 commentsx4+y
# 17 Playing Around with PB Wiki17 commentsa6

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